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Journey into the ultimate obstacle course in Vex! See if you have the skill to make your way through level after level of huge pits, deadly spikes and massive drops. It's the ultimate test in quick-thinking and keyboard skills! Continue into the next installment of the Raze series with Raze 3. Once again, jump into the role of a trained super-soldier, using all kinds of cool guns, swords and even jetpacks to take on crazy enemies like aliens, zombies and robots. Can you and your squad stay alive long enough to help Earth recover from an alien invasion? There's only one way to find out! Want to get a taste of something fancier with more action? Then take a look at My Friend Pedro. Take to the streets under the guidance of...a talking banana? Yes, a talking banana named Pedro, who'll teach you the ropes and help you get past obstacles and shoot enemies in a great-looking platformer! Take a trip back to a world of old villages, brave warriors and deadly cartoon bears in Bearbarians! As the sole survivor of your village's destruction, it's up to you to make it through level after level of obstacles and enemies as you fight to restore your people! No matter what your taste may be, our platform games have you covered. So dust off your gun, warm up your limbs and get ready for the 2D fight of your life!

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